GM’s Message

General Manager, Aaron Grant

On behalf of the entire Caribbean Dispatch Services Limited (CDSL) team, I wish to welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We hope that your visit has been informative and that you found it easy to navigate throughout the site.

It is our expectation that our site will provide current and future clients, as well as businesses and individuals, with a comprehensive overview of our company, its products, services and capabilities.

CDSL is a ground handling company for Air Transportation Carriers which provides twenty-four (24) hour shift coverage, seven (7) days a week.  We are a subsidiary of American Ground Services (AGS) who pride ourselves in providing professional, top quality, ground handling service to air carriers. AGS operates in four (4) Caribbean and Latin American countries namely Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico and St. Lucia.

From the beginning, our Company’s philosophy has been to strive for excellence in service, underpinned by a strong commitment to safety. This philosophy and commitment has been the driving factor behind our success since the inception of CDSL on February 1, 1994.

Once more, thanks again for visiting our website and I invite you to visit again soon.