CDSL Observes Health And Safety Month, June 2015

As safety is our number one priority, every year we observe the month of June as our “Safety Month”. However, this year, we opted to include another important aspect of our daily lives as part of this observation. So, this year we’ve now added “health” as a focal point in “Safety Month”, making it “Health and Safety Month”. A number of activities were planned during our observation and we were very pleased with the outcome. A “First Aid” certification training was conducted and as a result, we are happy to now have a few more First Aid certified individuals within our CDSL family. We also held a “Health Walk”, which was exhilarating for some and just another walk in the park for others. Another activity included in our observation was the “Zumba” sessions. Contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t meant just for the ladies. Although, the majority of our participants were indeed female. All in all though, this Health and Safety Month was one that we could be proud of and look forward to improving in the years to come.